Hopi Ear Candle


I have just finished having my Hopi ear candle treatment by accredited therapist Catherine Plant.

Everything sounds so much clearer now!

This is the first time I have ever had a Hopi ear candle treatment before. Having a burning candle put into my ears was rather nerve wracking. And smelling the burning candle too, made me wonder if the smoke alarm would go off any moment? But it didnt. And my fears were unwarranted. There was no burning sensation and no pain at all.

I cannot believe how much came out. It really is quite amazing! You can see from the photos here that the orange gunk was ear wax that came out and the yellow powder was pollen! Interestingly I had more pollen from my left ear and more wax from my right ear! Interesting!



The candle itself is made of a linen fabric and to create the vacuum effect it has an orange coloured plastic device fitted in the end that goes into your ear.

These treatments are said to be ideal to have just before you hop on a plane, to help with ear pressure, as well as when you get off the plane. Although you wouldn’t want it done more than once a month. This would be a great service to offer at an airport.

Now, having tried this Hopi ear candle, I definitely recommend it, and I recommend Catherine as she’s very accomplished and an excellent therapist. What I also enjoyed was the face massage you get with aromatherapy oils before the treatment and the ear massage afterwards. It’s all included with the treatment that lasts about 45mins and costs £25.00

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