Are you up for a challenge?


It’s all the rage now, social media. But why? Not all businesses have become involved yet and reasons for this range from a lack of understanding or merely apathy.  But social media is here and cannot be ignored.  Social media is a low cost or no cost way for entrepreneurs to network online, build AND monitor their brand, and find new customers.

There are many applications involved in social media, the most obvious being Twitter and Facebook. But one of the biggest tools today is blogging.  Now you do not need to be a great writer to get involved, and you do not need to be a techy either, as it is all fairly straight forward, with the initial training.

Blogging does however require regular attention, and from my own experience too, it is often difficult to find the time (or motivation) to maintain a blog.  Mentors are said to be helpful as they inspire and remind you when you need to get a move on!

The Ultimate Blog Challenge

In July last year I discovered a project called “the ultimate blog challenge”.  I realised this was just the motivation I needed to start writing again.  I was required to post 31 blog entries before the 31st of July!  Now I did not join up until a week before August, so I had my work cut out for me. But I thrive on a good challenge!  And I managed it.  Challenge completed!


Once you’ve done the challenge, many people choose to repeat it.  There is another challenge running right now during the month of January 2012.  So I have decided to throw myself back into it again.  With new years resolutions flying around, its seems a good way to start the new year.  So I have signed up again to do the challenge.  If you are on twitter you are encouraged to post your blog posts with the hash tag #blogboost after the link to your blog.  To read more on the terms of the January 2012 challenge click <here>.  If you decide to sign up to the challenge, then click <here>.

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Online training for parents and children. Online piano and music tutoring. Online tutoring for English as a Second Language (ESOL) with an emphasis on pronunciation. Online meditation coaching for parents and how to incorporate meditation into daily family life.

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