Get 20% off Penzu Pro (online diary journal) with this code …


Get 20 percent discount on Penzu Pro using this code ...


Is it really true?  I was at first sceptical when I read this email from Penzu.  But then I soon realised that the email was directly from th company themselves.  And it appeared to be part of a referral generating scheme.  It therefore seemed genuine.

So how does it work?  Apparently, if I give people the code:   If they click on that link to purchase the Penzu Pro, they will receive 20% off.  The pertinent part of the email is below:

If he or she goes Pro, you get upgraded for free! Not only that, but your friend will get 20% off just for signing up!

Forward this email or send this link to your friends:

It seems that from the first time someone uses that code, I will automatically get a free upgrade.  But what happens after the second person purchases using that code?  I have not read further into this, but I imagine that is where the terms of the generating referrals will start.

Is anyone else there using Penzu, or Penzu pro?  I first discovered Penzu last year.  Back then I thought it was very clever, this secure online diary journal.  But it was not until this year, on the 1st of January that I made the resoultion to start writing an online journal.  One that is private and secure.  It is fun, but it has been a little difficult to keep up with.  However that is only because last week was particularly draining and tiring for me.  I trust that in time it will become easier to keep up with.  It is important simply to make at least “an” entry every day.  Even if it is just one sentence, it is better than nothing at all.

From past experiences, I’ve found that diaries, and contemporaneous diaries at that, are useful references.  This can be for managing weight loss or fitness by keeping a food journal and an exercise journal.  Or it could be for medical issues by keeping a journal on health problems.  For work too, it is useful to keep a journal on any problems at work, and also to record the sucesses of work too.


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