Summer fun in Rotorua


Out and about in Rotorua, the lakes are an absolute must do. In this video below on Rotorua you’ll glance a quick glimpse at the lakefront on Lake Rotorua and the shores of Lake Tikitapu (also known as Blue Lake).

If you get a chance to visit the Redwood (Whakarewarewa) Forest in Rotorua, New Zealand. Inside their visitors centre, you will see a large map of the lakes in Rotorua. Their map is 3D and especially appealing to kinesthetic learners. To read more on the Redwood village click on their website here. From redwood village you can take sign posted walks up to and around the blue lake and the green lake. There are frequently events held at the Redwoods, and to see the latest listings, click here. For opening hours and contact details click here. To find Rotorua on facebook, click here or view the Rotorua website here.

Rotorua has a population of approximately 67 000 people and covers a region of approximately 2 700 square kilometres. It is in a volcanic plateau, hence the eleven lakes. To view a map of the lakes of Rotorua click here. The names of the lakes are as follows:

  1. Lake Rotorua
  2. Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake)
  3. Lake Rotokakahi (Green Lake)
  4. Lake Okataina
  5. Lake Rerewhakaaitu
  6. Lake Rotoehu
  7. Lake Rotoiti
  8. Lake Rotoma
  9. Lake Rotomahana
  10. Lake Okarereka
  11. Lake Tarawera

It goes without saying that the geothermal activity in Rotorua and surrounding regions should not be overlooked. You may even fancy a dip in the hot pools at the Polynesian Spa.


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