Garden Party

The weather held after all, the threatening clouds hadn’t yet taken action. But I wasn’t going to take any risks. So I packed my umbrella. And it just managed to fit comfortably into my lovely new purple handbag from Louise. The flowers on my handbag coordinated with the flowers on my skirt so it was ideal. I also found the gold and black bracelet from Nancy as it also matched with the black theme.


Keeping with the flower theme, I was very impressed with the sheer number of flower blossoms in the garden. The garden was vast and stretched from the front of the property, down the side, into the back and through twists and turns. The conservatory too was brimming with flower pots and on numerous levels too.

The bright red begonias reminded me of hibiscus and of Hawaii. The yellow gladioli and the red and lilac dahlia’s reminded me of my parent’s garden back home. I also came across some cute little ladybirds inside a blossom and a bumble bee crawling into ( and out of) another flower.

The rain did come. Fortunately
I had my umbrella with me and we managed to stay fairly dry as we all scampered into the conservatory for shelter. Fortunately it didn’t last for long and the sun soon returned. A typical summer shower. So you see, it comes in very handy after all carrying my umbrella everywhere with me! Definitely better to be safe than sorry.

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