When things go bad

What do you do when things go wrong, nothing goes right, and you don’t know what to do?  When things seem hopeless, what can you do?  Where do you go?  What do you do? There is a well known poem called “Don’t Quit” that is featured in the above video.

In reference to my earlier blog post below, I had discussed how sad it is to watch the news with all the terrible things happening in the world, both locally and internationally. I raised the dangers of any belief that is fundamental rather than evolving with time and society. I also referred to the poem Desiderata that acknowledges that there is drudgery and despair in this world. And yet, however, the poem concludes that this world, is nevertheless a “beautiful” place.

While sitting in the church last Sunday, I felt that the Reverend was preaching directly to me. Yes it is perhaps a bit self centred of me. However, it really was as if the Reverend had read my previous blog of despair and was, right there and then, addressing all of my questions!

What was the answer then? The answer, most simply, was to pray. During the alpha course we completed one theme was “Prayer“. The Reverend admitted that not all prayers are answered.  The fact is that we do not know, always what is best for us, or what the bigger picture is.  Therefore what we pray for may not necessarily be what we actually need.  The Reverend said that although we do not know whether our prayer will be answered, that should not put us off from praying.  We must therefore have the faith and hope to pray.  We also cannot use excuses such as we are “too busy” to pray.  We do not need to be in church to pray.  We can be anywhere, and can spend any few seconds at any part of the day, to say our prayer.  What I caught my attention during the sermon was the mention that regardless of the bad things that happen, there are still in fact many good things that occur.  The Reverend then asked each of us to think of something that has happened or is within our life that we can give thanks for.  We were reminded that we do not only pray when we want something, for ourself or others.  But we should also pray to thank God for that which we are grateful for.

I came across this inspiring tweet from a fellow kiwi Natalie Sisson, who had referred to Vishen Lakhiani’s blog where he talked about getting into the flow of things.  Interestingly, Lakhiani described how getting into the flow had affected the employees of the company in a positive way through high morale and high employee engagement.  Furthermore the company had consistently grown its profits each year.  All this success, they attributed to the fact that the company (MindValley) operates a “Gratitude Log” that all staff log in first thing in the morning.  They, and the customers too, are encouraged to write something that they are grateful for.  Isn’t that a fabulous idea, for transforming lives and attitudes into creativity, possibility and positivity!  You can see Lakhiani talking about his gratitude log in this video below.

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2 thoughts on “When things go bad

  1. Thanks Bonnie, glad you liked it. I find its far too easy to get bogged down with the negatives and the despair. Definitely need to make an effort to look around and give thanks for what good there is.


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