New Zealand and United Kingdom Ties

With little over four million people living in New Zealand, then it seems a large number of these are living in the UK.  For latest statistics click here >>.  In 2001 there were almost 50,000 New Zealander’s living in the UK.  Of these, approximately 47% were living in London – well that is no surprise.  Except I had thought maybe there would be a larger proportion than that.  To think that there were 1251 kiwis living in the East Midlands in 2001 is really quite surprising.  To see a  more extended list of figures on the BBC website click here >>.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve met a number of English who have either been to New Zealand previously, or have a longing to visit one day.  The internet is a brilliant resource for researching places and things to do, before you go.  There are also a range of societies you can join to meet other people with New Zealand links.

For a comprehensive list of New Zealand clubs in the UK click here >>.

If you are an engineer, based at Bombardier or Rolls Royce, and dream of escaping to NZ, then you may be interested in the Institute of Engineers, NZ.  For more information click here >>.

If you are interested in general links with NZ including academic fellowships, click here >>.

Finally, if you graduate from a New Zealand University and travel to the UK or live in the UK then you may be interested in the NZUGA.  For further information on the NZUGA click here >>.

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