Dancing Class

Finally we made it to the local dance class.  Like many other things, it has been too many years since I did any dancing.  We did a search for tuition providers and found Flip and Bounce.  Flip and Bounce was also recommended to us by a friend of ours.  We had planned actually to just go once and then wait until September to resume.  However, the instructor impressed us so much that we couldn’t wait to go back again the following week!  Although I had done salsa many years ago, I had forgotten much of the terminology and the moves were hazy.  The instructor gave a very good introduction to the basics.  What impresseed me the most however was that he gave explanations for why, we do this, and why we do this, and what happens if we don’t.  The instructor also has a great sense of humour so the atmosphere was very light, and he immediately put us at ease.

Published by Alice Letts

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2 thoughts on “Dancing Class

  1. thanks! they didn’t take any more video’s after that one, which is a shame ;-( Am taking a break for a little while. But will hopefully get back into dancing again, at least sometime in the next couple of months (if not sooner!)


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