Alpha Course Weekend Retreat

Saturday 18th of June 2011

The time had come for the weekend retreat for our Alpha course.  We are about halfway through the course now, and it has been most enlightening.

The weekend retreat was held at Highfields Happy Hens Farm.

It was a full day packed with lectures delivered by Nicky Gumbel.

The sessions lasted about 45 minutes each, after which we broke into groups to discuss issues that had been raised and questions or doubts we had.  Our team leaders facilitated the workshops.  This sequence was repeated throughout the day, with breaks for morning tea and afternoon.  We were then treated to a delicious lunch too, it was quite a treat.

The Alpha Course is for people new into Christianity. And we didn’t exactly fit that criteria, however it had been a long time since I had been to bible study and so I felt I could do with a refresher course. And besides as were new to the area it would be a good opportunity too to get to know the other people at Church.

During our lunch break we had the opportunity to go outside to take a look around the farm.

The little lamb was adorable and I was thrilled when it came up to me and allowed me to pat it. What a very soft fur it had. The peacocks were very friendly too, and did some modelling for us!

If you are planning to be in Australia next month (July 2011) then you may be interested in seeing Nicky Gumbel at the Hillsong Conference.

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