Fleeting visit

Before heading up to Laurino for the birthday celebrations we stopped off in Torre Orsaia to visit the family.  We also had some errands to run.  Tried to get to the hairdressers, but it was closed and although we spent more than hour returning to see if it had opened yet  (the sign on the door said will be back soon), it didn’t.  So we headed back down to the Coast and fortunately managed to get an appointment with a hairdressers in Policastro. 

What was supposed to be a 40-60 minute excursion ultimately took around 5 hours.  With no pay phones around and one mobile phone out of battery and the other mobile phone not making calls, we resorted to the internet to alert the family that we were okay, but not to wait for us for dinner.  Facebook came in very handy for this task as my brother-in law and his finace located a couple of hours north, very kindly acted on our message and immediately telephone my Father-in law to advise him of our current whereabouts and ETA.  It caused a lot of laughs, but isn’t it convenient this new technology!

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