Alice’s Nutrition Plans

Its been just one week now, and I am very happy with how things are going.  I have been aware for some time now that I have not been eating enough vegetables.  At the same time, I eat too much starchy food, pizzas, bread, pasta, potato and rice.  I have never been a big fan of cooked vegetables, and I can get tired of salads.  I realised that simply eating less food was not going to be sufficient, because I was not eating the right sorts of food.  A friend recently told me that she was going back onto the Atkins diet.  This reminded me of when, many years ago, I had done my own adapted version of the Atkins, which consisted of only protein (fish, chicken, red meat), fruit and vegetables.  I gave it up after about a year because it was too strict for me, but I still remember how it went. 

So this time, I’ve decided to try it again, but instead a more modified and easier version.  My main goal is to ensure I eat more nutritious food.  So I have started already.  The first thing I did was go into the supermarket and fill my basket with carrots, celery, tomatos, and cucumber.  Then with little containers, I filled each container with a different vegetables.  These I left on my desk, and then throughout the day I nibbled on these, (until they had all gone!) .  It is amazing how much I get through, but I really enjoy snacking on these. 

For my main meal at lunch time I go straight to the protein.  So I’ve had grilled chicken, and then there has been sausage.  I think next week I will go for some smoked salmon, hhhhmmmmm 😉

I wanted to make sure this is something that I can stick to, and so I still allow myself to eat desserts in the evening, although I try to have smaller portions than normal.  I also allow myself to go off the diet during the weekend (with moderation of course!).  So it will just be something that I do during the week.

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