Who is stealing the fruit?

My naughty hasband has stolen my camera, and he disappeared into the garden.

Questa mattina, il cattivone di mio marito  ha rubato la mia macchina fotografica ed e’ scomparso nel giardino. 

Half an hour later, he returned, and showed me the photos he took. 

Dopo una mezz’ora e’ tornato mostrandomi qualche sua foto.

He told me that now he had proof that it was those naughty pigeons that were eating his plums. 

Lui mi ha detto che adesso  aveva le prove che quei cattivi piccioni mangiono le sue prugne. 

Although I could have sworn that they were not plums, but were bird cherries instead, not for human consumption.  But he disagrees, he says they are both plums and cherries, and that the cherries can be eaten.  Who knew?

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