Alice in Le Patio

One of my treasured memories from Prague are my frequent visits to Cafe Patio and Le Patio Lifestyle.  They are one in the same.  You will see the entrance as you walk down Národní.  As you walk through the entrance from the side walk you will walk into the cafe/bar/restaurant area.  The cafe is on the ground floor, and if you go upstairs you will reach the restaurant area.  However if you walk down to the bar of the cafe and go down the stairs into the basement, you will enter the hidden world of the interior design store called ‘Le Patio Lifesytle’.  It was from Le Patio Lifestyle that I purchased my birthday present slash christmas present for my father.  It was a woollen blanket, but the wool was so fine that the blanket could also be used as a shawl.  Which is what I did.  That day in town, I  had far too many shopping bags to carry, so to save my poor stinging fingers, I took the blanket out of its bag, and folded it into a triangle, and then draped it over my shoulders and back.  What did I look like, walking through the streets of Prague with  my father’s blanket on my back?  Well, the colours were a sombre green and dark red, and so I thought I looked rather fashionable?  What did the others think? The locals? The other tourists?  Did the bag lady come into mind? The eccentric gypsy?  Who knows?  But I was happy though 😉

When my friends arrived, I went back to Le Patio to show them around.  It was a Saturday night and to my delight the cafe had commissioned live entertainment.  And what better entertainment than a live ‘Cuban’ band!  Fantastic! And yes, the drinks was cheap too!  I had a Long Island Iced Tea, fabulous!  The evening had just begun…

Isn’t that bottle of Evian water cute?  I liked it so much I just had to take it home with me as a souvenir.  The only problem was that by the time it came for me to pack my bags to fly out from Prague, I no longer had any room in my bags.  So the empty water bottle (glass) was not the only thing left behind!

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