Alice in Hong Kong

It was late November, early December 2006 and I had stopped over in Hong Kong for a couple of days to catch up with my dear friends who live in Tai Wai and Sha Tin.   I have many happy memories from the years before when I spent time there with my Mother in Sha Tin.  The reason we were there was to attend the wedding of my friends.  I was the bridesmaid, and we kept very busy.  With hair appointments, yum char appointments, bakery appointments, well any reason to go out and explore the town!  The scenery in Sha Tin was very pretty, there was much more plantation and greenery there than in the city. 

Although on this occasion I stayed in the city in Kowloon.  I had a good look around town.  By chance there was also an International Jewellery Fair not far from where I was staying.  So I met my friends there where we spent the day trying on jewellery, rings in particular.  Its amazing the fascination the diamonds and rubies hold.  And that is where I ended up getting my ring, and it is still one of my favourites.

The photos here were taken when I was in Kowloon and returning back to the airport.  I am always fascinated by the many islands of Hong Kong that are connected by these tall and grand looking bridges.

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