Alice studies lighting

Today we learnt about lighting for photography.  We set up the lighting kit inside the studio to begin with.  Later in the day we went outside to set the lighting kit up there.  We used the reflector when necessary.  But to begin with we started with the light meter to determine what aperture we would need.  The most popular aperature seemed to be between 5 and 11, with 8 being the most common.   If required we adjusted the shutter speed and ISO to balance things.  We also used the light box and and the umbrella to diffuse the light.

Here are a few notes I took down at the beginning of our lesson:

  • Flash = aperture
  • Ambient light = shutter speed
  • Flash meter = aperture reading
  • Camera, set to manual = adjust ambient light
  • The highest shutter speed you can use with a flash is 200.
  • That is 200th of a second.  If you go above 200, you risk getting a black line int he photo.  That black line in the photo is the shutter blade, that hasn’t quite finished getting across.
  • To get the effect of action blurs, coming after the subject rather than before, you choose the flash option for second curtain, that is the rear sync, and this will show the shutter speed of 15th of a second for the moving object.

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2 thoughts on “Alice studies lighting

  1. •Ambient light = shutter speed I wish this was the rule, everything would be so easier dear Alice…. who’s your teacher?
    Ambient light is the existing light: could be window light if you are in a room or can be the lamp light also if you’re indoor; things change if you’re outside because the available light will be that one exisitng already without the need of use any extra studio or flash light.
    Shutter speed – together with aperture and ISO – is a completely different matter; the 3 together determines, when perfectly used together, the correct exposure.
    So I don’t get your equation Ambient light equals Shutter speed: I really really hope is a way for you to remember something different from saying “equals, is the same of”, because otherwise, better to do another course on your spare time… Or better to do it with someone else.

    Love, Francesca


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