Alice has a rest

Friday 1 January 2010

Today you will never guess what happens.  At long last, how many days has it been now.  The sponge cake is finally cut.  The cake was no longer fresh and I must admit I was not at all keen on the sponge cake now.  So I didn’t have a piece.  But I am sure it was very nice.  Everyone else had some cake and enjoyed it.  I think it was the vermouth they savoured wasn’t it? He he 😉

We had gnocchi for lunch today.   Handmade naturally!

It rained very heavily last night and today it continued to rain on and off.  It was drizzling whenever it stopped raining.  I wanted to go out nevertheless.  However my dear Giuseppe didn’t want to leave the safety and comfort of the house, so it turned out I was to spend the entire day house bound. 

Thankfully I had a book with me that I we had bought in Salerno (in English) that kept me busy today.  I also took the opportunity to go through the photos we had taken last night of the fireworks.  I could not believe we had over 500 photos!  That took some time sorting through to select the ones I wanted to post.

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