Alice hides from the farm dog & spies on the buffalo

Sunday 3 January 2010



The dog


This is a very happy and energetic dog.  I do not know what is the name of his breed, but he is a very fast funner.  Wherever I went in the farm this dog would suddenly appear out of nowhere, he is very light of his feet.  Then no sooner had he appeared, then he would be bouncing off again somewhere else.  Quite terrifying actually his speed, you certainly would not want to get in his way!  He is very good natured though, and seemed very curious too.  I just adore the photo above where the dog is peering out at us from behind the wall of the shed.



Can you spot the bumble bee buzzing above the flowers above?  In addition to broccoli and olive trees there were also plenty of mandarin, lemon, and orange trees.  At this time of the year when the olives were ripe and needed pickinng, they placed nets on the ground below the trees on the grass to collect the olives as they fall.

Farm Machinery


Sea view


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