Alice learns to make buffalo mozarella

Saturday 2 January 2010

We went to Scario today to use the internet café.  It was closed however so a trip wasted unfortunately.  Apart from that we did not do much else, and spent most of the day indoors reading.

It was fascinating though to see how mozarella cheese is made.  Giuseppe’s family have their own buffalo on their farm, and they use their milk to make mozarella cheese.  The method roughly speaking is to to knead the cheese in hot water and then stretch it before forming it into circles.

Later that evening for an evening snack we made a fruit salad that was very refreshing and a healthy alternative to sweets.

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2 thoughts on “Alice learns to make buffalo mozarella

  1. We are going to Scario for the first two weeks of August – it would be useful to know where this internet cafe is (I have found that locals never seem to know of these places). Can you tell me? The kids are going to be missing their internet desperately…


  2. Hi, there is only one internet cafe in Scario. You will find it easily. Just walk down to the shopping area by the coast, you will find the tall pinkish coloured church, go past that and past the bars, then past the clothing boutiques and souvenir stores, then carry on towards the end of the line, and you will come across a little store that has a sign ‘internet’. Note that they have unusual hours. They seem to open in the morning and then close in the afternoon and then open again in the evening until late at night! Its the siesta between around 2pm to 5pm, depending on the shop.

    Enjoy your holiday!

    Map here:,2489,2,0,109,116,0,2&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl


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