Alice’s Christmas woes

Wednesday 23 December 2009

We telephoned the number in Ireland for Easy Jet that was on the form to inform them our luggage was still missing and to proceed with the claim.  The guy told us that from his system the suitcase had been picked up by a passenger on the 16th of December 2009.  We advised him this was not the case, as our suitcase never arrived and we had gone to baggage services to claim.  The guy told us to telephone this number at  0039 081 78 96 237  Naples airport to speak to them about it.  Giuseppe telephoned this number.  However nobody answered the telephone.

By this stage I was keeping my eye on the clock, and I was very excited about going to Sapri for the festivities.  I was feeling much better by this stage and had completely recovered except for a nagging cough.  Unfortunately Giuseppe now had a headache and was feeling really tired, so we had to cancel our plans, and stayed home instead.

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