Alice stuck – flights cancelled due to Gatwick snow

Wednesday 16 December 2009

I had a deep sleep and felt great when I woke up early the next morning.  I was too excited to sleep for long, and I did not want to miss our early morning flight to Italy.  Although we had arranged for the hotel reception to phone us at 6am to wake us up, I had already got up by 5am in the morning.  It was good to take our time to dress and have another hot drink and check our packing for the final time.  Yes we had everything.  We got to reception at 6.30am exactly, and the chauffeur took us straight away to the airport. 

Fortunately Giuseppe had cleverly checked us in and printed our boarding passes from home a couple of days ago.  This meant we didn’t have to wait in the long queues at the check in counter.  Instead the airline crew directed us to go straight up to one of the counters and we handed our passports and suitcase to the check in lady, and that was that, all done.   We flew with Easy Jet and they charged us for checking in luggage, so because of that we decided to economise further and so we checked in only one suit case between the two of us.

We still had the food that Giuseppe had packed for us from home so we finished up what we could, the tomatoes were very refreshing and the fruit was good too.  It was still very early in the morning and I felt very sleepy.  So you will not be surprised to hear that on the plane from Gatwick to Naples I managed to fall asleep.  I did not realise of course, by Giuseppe told me later that I had been snoring.  Terrible isn’t it!

Our arrival to Naples did not go well at all.  We queued up at the luggage belt with the other passengers to collect our suitcase.  We waited, but our suitcase did not appear.  There were other passengers still waiting for their suitcases too and it seemed this process was going to take some time.  So I sent Giuseppe off to the bathroom while I waited for the suitcase to save us some time.  When Giuseppe returned, the suitcase had not yet appeared, so we swapped places, and Giuseppe waited at the belt while I went to the bathroom.  I was certain that when I returned Giuseppe would be waiting for me with our suitcase in his hand.  This was not to be.  I got a shock when I left the bathroom to find Giuseppe no where to be seen.  I looked over to the luggage belt and it was empty, every one had left!  Strangely though there were four or five suitcases just going around and around on it, that had not been claimed.  However, ours was not amongst them.  To my far right I saw Giuseppe walking back towards me.  He had been to the baggage services to report our suitcase missing.  We walked then from one belt to another to check the suitcases that were lying around, but ours was no where to be found.  We went back to baggage services and asked them to find our suitcase.  We waited around hoping they would find it, but without any luck.  We waited for approx one hour.  Our suitcase did not arrive.  There were about five or six other suitcases there that had not been collected.  So we thought maybe our suitcase was still outside and would be put on the belt later.  So we waited another half an hour.  It still did not arrive.

Giuseppe went to the baggage services and asked where was our suitcase.  They told him first to speak to the information people to see if all the luggage had been delivered.  Giuseppe went over to the information people and they told him that all the luggage had been delivered. 

So Giuseppe went back to the baggage services and they told Giuseppe that we had to proceed with a claim.  They told Giuseppe he was not allowed to buy anything until after five days was up to give them time to search for the suitcase.   They said they would call us at our home phone or mobile and would deliver our luggage to our home address.  So we gave them our home phone number, our mobile number and the postal address for Giuseppe’s parents.

The train from Naples took another four hours, and yes you can guess it, I fell asleep again, with the same disastrous results … yes, more snoring.  I was simply exhausted by the time we arrived to the house of Giuseppe’s parents.  By that stage my nose was running and I then began the sneezing habit.  Giuseppe’s parents asked me if I had a cold.  It was then I realised that yes, I do.  But I could not understand why because I was convinced I was healthy when I left England and certainly did not bring the cold with me.  But with all the waiting around in the cold weather and the lack of sleep and travelling, I think it all just got to me.

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