Alice gets new clothes

Saturday 26 December 2009

We went into Scario to take some ‘night’ photos of the lights at the seaside.  The shops were open though so I decided it was time I try to find some skirt or trousers.  I have been wearing the same trousers every day now since arriving to Italy.  There was very limited selection.  However I was very lucky to find a pair of white trousers that fit perfectly and a cute little shirt that fit me like a glove.  So that was a good find, especially since they were both discounted items. 

Unfortunately for us the good weather had made an exit while we were inside the boutique, and the rain had come back again.  It started with a drizzle and then soon it was hailing.  That put a stop to our plans to take photos with the tripod, and we had even forgotten our umbrella in the car.  So we took shelter in the church.  The service was due to start at 6pm, and it was only 5.30pm so it wasn’t really that long to wait.  The Priest was sitting in the box to our left as we entered, and he was taking people’s confessions.  Inside the church there were already about 30 people and they were chanting together their Hail Marys, Rosario.  One lady from the front came down to the back where we were sitting and asked me to come to the front to read aloud the prayer.  I did not understand this of course, but Giuseppe translated to me later and he answered on my behalf to the lady to explain that I could not understand Italian and therefore could not assist.  It was a shame, as I would have loved to have taken part.  Then I resolved I must go home and memorise the Rosario. 

It was a very enjoyable service, as there was lots of singing.  They gave us a hymn sheet, as there were no hymn books in sight.  However, the songs on the sheet were not used during this service so we guessed they must have given us the wrong song sheets.  But I recognised the tunes, they were singing the traditional carols in Italian.  I did not know the words in Italian, but I knew them in English so I joined in singing the English version.  It was a lot of fun!

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