Alice struggles with the gym

Wednesday 26 August 2009

I expect if you are reading my blog right now that you were expecting another video from me telling you I was heading off to the gym again? Well, that was my intention. However it is dark and raining outside and so I decided I should use today as my rest day. That means I absolutely must go to the gym tomorrow and Friday if I want to make it to my goal of three times a week.

This morning I treated myself to a lovely long sleep in. I woke up so tired and exhausted from yesterday. Straight after work we drove directly to Loughborough for my piano lesson. It is usually Thursdays but had been changed due to the long bank holiday this weekend. I find that concentrating for a full 60 minutes on learning new information and skills and trying to perfect them myself on the spot is a little strenuous, and after a long day, rather challenging. So after my lesson finished I felt finished myself, so tired. We stopped off at the supermarket on the way home for some extra food shopping. The supermarket had a lot of reductions on so we piled our trolley full of the house brand plus their reductions, that meant we got top quality food for very very little money, and I was extremely satisfied with our savings. When we went home we cooked dinner, ate, and I did some more work on the computer, and then that was that for the night.

Today will be busy too. During my lunch break I will need to pop home to tidy up the house a little before my own students come over this afternoon for their piano lessons. They will be here from 5.15pm until 8.15pm tonight so that will keep me busy. I think that after they leave I will treat myself to a relaxing evening doing absolutely nothing.

Until tomorrow…. Yes, I know that is a cliche ‘tomorrow’, ‘I will do it tomorrow’. Well, I will go to the gym tomorrow morning. Until tomorrow …. arrivederci 🙂

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