Derby Feste

If you are planning a trip to Derby this year the you may want to time it to coincide with the Derby Feste 2009.  The feste is over two days, Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  The idea behind this event is to celebrate the Cathedral Quarter in Derby and I imagine, the new area behind the Cathedral that includes a new pedestrian bridge over Derwent river. 

cathedral quarter

Stilt walkers will be strolling around to music from 8pm to 9pm on Friday 4 September in the Cathedral Green during a performance of Quidam’s Herbert’s Dream.   Pyrotechnics will be launched from the Cathedral Green bridge at 9pm.  Because of this, they will be closing the footbridge from midda until 9.30pm to set up the fireworks display.  The next day, there will be a community band stage from 3.30pm to 8.30pm with a variety of local bands performing.  An interesting day out for sure.  I just wonder if there will be enough room for everyone in that confined space?  We shall see ….

More information is available from the website of Arts Agenda.  You can also view a dedicated website for DerbyFeste.  If you are on facebook or twitter then you can sign up to follow DerbyFeste there too.

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