Bridge Over Troubled Waters

bridge 7

Are the waters really troubled in the River Thames along here at Reading?  The current is not all that strong so it seems perhaps not.  My husband even threw a leaf into the river to see which direction it would flow. 

bridge 1

There are a couple of bridges that pass over the river and I found them fascinating.

bridge 2

There is a small pedestrian bridge a little further on from this bridge.

bridge 3

Can you see the cyclists crossing over the bridge above?

bridge 4

These adorable ducks are sheltering from the sun under this main bridge.  Some more cyclists are crossing under the bridge.  I forgot to mention earlier that the river side was full of people enjoying the sunshine and clear skies.  Especially young families with children in the play area and many people were out cycling.  The funny thing here is that people didn’t have a whistle on their cycle to let you know they were approaching you so you could go to one side.  Instead they just snuck up on you and expected you to have already heard them.  A bit of a tall order when you are in a group that is talking loudly! he he

bridge 8

The inside of this tunnel was painted with a mural of bright coloured objects that looked very cheerful.

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