Alice wonders why Paisley is famous amongst law students?


I jumped to attention at Church last week when I heard a lady there tell my friend that she came from Scotland, well Paisley to be exact!  I could not believe it, I have now met someone who comes from Paisley!  Paisley is well known to me from my early days at law school when I studied Tort law.  However I couldn’t remember the name of the case, yes, I’m getting too old now and my memory has been failing me!  I said its the case with the lady in the cafe who found a snail in her drink!  Anyhow my friend who was younger than me, could indeed recall the name of the case, and she said, yes, that’s right, you mean Donoghue v Stevenson!  And I said yes, that’s it!  This was the founding case that established negligence in tort law.  It was a decision from the House of Lords and well known Judgments were made by Lord Denning and Lord Atkin. I remember watching a short movie about the case in class.

An article on the BBC website features a photograph of the plaque in Paisley that commemmorates this famous cafe known for the snail in the drink.  I want to go and see it with my own eyes.  We’ve been thinking about what to do for the long weekend in August, so now I’m wondering whether maybe I should take this opportunity to go and see Paisley for myself. 

Paisley is near Glasgow in Scotland, and about six and a half hours drive time from London, which is about the same time between  Wellington and Rotorua.

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