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cricket 1

It seems that Cricket is the quintessential summer sports of the English.  I had some lovely weekends at the cricket field myself with my Aunt Madge and Uncle David when I stayed with them in Windlesham, as they have a long family tradition of playing in and attending matches.  Picnics with strawberries and whipped cream certainly had me won over.  I can remember playing cricket when I was at primary school and thoroughly enjoying batting, but I couldn’t stand fielding.  But I haven’t played Cricket since then.  Instead I’ve tried rowing for short stints.  I’m not sure if I will get back into rowing again, the water here in the rivers are so brown that it is very off putting.  But I do miss it a lot, as I am a huge fan of watersports.

I had joined the gym again.  Yes, again!  But I’ve lost my membership card so am still looking for that.  If I can’t find it soon I will need to go in and request a replacement card.  In the meantime I am trying to do a bit of walking.  Its been raining here a lot though that hasn’t helped.  So I’ve been thinking of other ways to exercise, that is, apart from housework of course!  Yesterday I started doing Pilates again, the first time in ages!  I used to attend Pilates classes in Bedford with a teacher called Stephanie.  She was excellent.  But now I have a whole bag full of DVDs from WinsorPilates and a circle thing, a mat, and those rubber band things for resistance.  I did the 20 minute work out yesterday, but by the evening, my body was very sore and tired and I just couldn’t do any more exercise.  I found it difficult getting up today as well, so I think that Pilates really did me in!  However, I will not let that put me off, however I have taken a day of rest today, and am feeling refreshed today.  Tomorrow the plan is to wake up early so I can do some more pilates.

I’ve been feeling rather tired lately and quite sore, so I realised that must be a sign that I need to get back into an exercise routine.  A friend of mine, who knew I was looking for some sort of exercise to do, handed me a brochure yesterday from the BritMilFit, which is British Military Fitness.  The current or ex-military people run fitness classes throughout the UK in the parks.  So that certainly sounds more appealing than being stuck inside a stuffy gym.  The tourist information centres apparently have leaflets there that entitle people to one free class.  At first thought, I imagined it would be out of the question for me as it would be too difficult.  However, I learnt that they offer three different options – beginners, intermediate and advanced.  So the beginners class looks like an interesting option.

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