Alice reads Italian papers on the NZ referendum

Schiaffoni ai figli, in Nuova Zelanda un referendum per riammetterli

Its been a while now that people have been muttering about the anti-smacking law in New Zealand.  The idea behind the ‘anti-smacking’ law was surely to prevent child abuse, but the law to the opposite extreme.  There then became problems in society because parents had no way to discipline their own children except verbally. 


So now in New Zealand we are having a citizens initiated referendum to decide whether or not this is sensible.  It is funny but I did not hear about this particular referendum until my husband told me.  He was reading the Italian newspaper when he came across an article about it.   I really don’t know how it got into the papers in Italy?  Perhaps they have a permanent column on the South Pacific?  I expect the news probably came in from the Italian conslate/embassy in Thorndon, Wellington.  Funnily enough I used to live across the road from the Italian embassy when I was still in New Zealand.

Sure enough I got some post today, and yes, can you imagine what it was?  It was sent airmail to England, and sure enough was my referendum form for me to fill in and post back to New Zealand.  I better fill it in now so I can send it off tomorrow so it gets back in good time.  I am interested to hear what you think about this?


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