Soothing cream for Eczema

eczema cream from lush

I was complaining to a friend about the problems I have with eczema and how my fingers get quite sore.  She recommended I go into ‘Lush’ that sells natural soaps and skin creams.  So I went in there over the weekend, and came out very impressed. 

I walked out with soaps that have been fabulous, one is ‘honey’ flavoured, and the other is fig and something else.  The staff were very friendly and most helpful.  They even gave me a sample of a skin lotion.

It has been three days now since I started using their cream, and the results have been amazing.  The cream is so very soothing.  The eczema on my hands have been healing beautifully.  I will definitely be going back for more!

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4 thoughts on “Soothing cream for Eczema

  1. Do you know what is the best medicine for eczema ?
    My daught had very bad eczema on his arms & legs.
    Last summer,we dip her arms in acidic water (from water ionizer) for a period of one month & the eczama disappeared.
    This summer,the eczema re-occurred & it takes a long time to cure her eczema using acidic water.
    I suggest her to put hydrogen peroxide on the surface of eczema & it recovered very soon expectedly.
    What I think is that: there is germs or bacteria that lives on the moist environment of the surface of eczema and both acidic water and hydrogn peroxide can kill those germs or bacteria on contact.
    Of course,hydrogen peroxide can kill those germs/bacteria more powerfully.

    Good Luck.


  2. i have recently recoverd from a very bad year of eczema, all over was sore and irrotated and weeping in most areas. i have startd usind an emollient called dermol and betnovate steroid cream…..all of my eczema has cleared up and my skin is softer than ever.

    i would advise evry one who has it to use these for quick effective results.


  3. Reblogged this on Alice Stories and commented:

    I’ve tried so many different creams. The one from Lush worked for a while but later started to irritate.

    I’ve recently discovered a new cream that is working wonders for me at least. I’ve used it for the last 12 months and it has proved a success in keeping the eczema on my hands under control! This latest one that I use now, and have done for getting onto two years, is a Manuka honey hand cream. As my eczema is on my hands, the hand cream is important, and something I take with me everywhere. The manuka honey hand cream is made by Wild Fern and is called Manuka Honey Hand & Nail Cream. You can buy it from the website

    I always buy mine direct from the shops. Either at the Honey Hive shop in Taupo (New Zealand), or from any touristy gift shop, like the ones in the travel centres where the national buses depart.


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