The Black and White Party

It was an enjoyable evening tonight.   We met up with friends at the Quad for the black and white party.  The idea of the party was to launch the start of the movie about Gabrielle Chanel.   One of my friends was wearing a Chanel outfit – typical!  Yes you know who you are – he he 🙂   But most of the other people at the party, as myself just came dressed up, in Chanel style, rather than Chanel brand.  For myself, I don’t own any European brands, unless you count my Versace stilettos.  Most of my clothes are still from New Zealand designers, my favourites being Karen Walker, Zambesi and Andrea Moore.  I also love the merino wool from Icebreaker.  So you would right to guess that my attire this evening came from a mixture of brands that included a long black evening coat from Karen Walker, a skirt from Zambesi, and a sweater from Icebreaker.  Yes, well, it was rather chilly this evening, I don’t care who says its Summer here.  I’m not complaining though, because I don’t much like the weather too hot anyway, unless of course I’m at a seaside resort on holiday, then that is different!

movie tickets 1

I saw a review of the film tonight after getting back home, and it was interesting to hear the reviews opinion that the film was more like a public relations presentation on the chanel brand, rather than an autobiography of her life.  I can see their point, having just seen the film, because it ends when Chanel is still in her twenties/early thirties.  So it does not show the rest of her later life, including the time that she was said to have been dating a Nazi during the second world war.  The movie was very entertaining though, and we all enjoyed it.  I won’t say any more on it though because I don’t want to give the plot away to those who haven’t seen it.  Seeing this movie though has definitely inspired me to get some fabric and chalk and scissors and start sewing …. definitely! 

The movie was beautifully done.  The music was gorgeous, the scenery and settings beautiful, and the acting excellent.   I definitely recommend it!

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