Fire and Rescue Show in Derby

markeaton park

Its the 21st of June today and in the UK it is the longest day of the year and their Summer Solstice.  A huge crowd are reported to have descended on Stone Henge to mark this occasion.  There were also big crowds down at Markeaton Park in Derby this weekend.  Yesterday was the start of the Derby Fire & Rescue Show.  Are you fascinated by firemen and fire engines and the rescues they perform?  Then make sure you get up to Derby.  A promotional video made for the show is here.  You can also see photos from the 2008 show here

Today, Sunday 21st of June is the last day of the fire show.  Festivities start at 10am today and finish at 4.30pm.  For more details on the timetable for today’s show check out the website for the Derby Fire & Rescue.

We are planning to get down to the show sometime this afternoon, so will post some of our photos here later when we get back.  Markeaton Park is spread over 207 acres and hosts various events throughout the year including fireworks at Guy Fawkes Night.  You can find it where Derby heads out to Mackworth along the A52.  The car park entrance is off the Markeaton traffic island where the A38 and A52 cross.  Car Parking costs vary from £1.40 for four hours to £2.10 for eight hours.  If you are relying on your satnav then type in the postcode DE22 4AA to find your way to the car park.  Once inside the grounds of the park you will come across a lovely ice cream bicycle stand, and a little motor train great fun for children.  There is also a little lake/pond that has kayaks and little bicycle boats that you can hire out for some water exercise.  Inside a walled garden there is a nice little cafe and an area for crafting with clay.  So plenty for you to see and do.  The park is often busy during weekends with families bringing their children for picnics and playing tennis and soccer. When we were there last weekend we even noticed some people having their own bbq in the park with their camping cooker, what a great idea!

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