Going handmade

The above photos are jewellery I made last month.

  • Floral Composition in Blue and Green
  • Bohemian Green and Blue Rhapsody
Many of my friends will remember that I have been talking about designing and making my own clothes, accessories, bridalwear, and jewellery for many years now.  Well, I came across Etsy last year, and then again this year, and realised just how easy it is to set up and sell your own handmade creations.   I have been following Etsy on twitter, and have just fallen in love with so many of the articles for sale on Etsy.  The articles and videos and how-to tips have also been very informative. If you don’t like the idea of that, then you could instead look at selling from your own website, and/or wholesaling to retailers.

Published by Alice Letts

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2 thoughts on “Going handmade

  1. These are really nice Alice! Has given me a poke in the side to do these things that I really enjoy. Thanks for the reminder!


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