Garden of Eden

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A Fitting Tribute

My Aunt and my Father thought it would be appropriate to remember the life of their Mother (my Grandmother) with a memorial at Eden Garden.  The garden in located on a hillside in what used to be a quarry.  If you are interested in visiting the gardens, you will find them in the smart suburb of Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand.  There is free parking available on site too.  The gardens are run with the help of many volunteers, and has been open for 45 years.  There are plenty of trees here, and an array of Rhododendrons and Camelias.  There are plenty of native trees here too.


The garden is fun to explore, you will go up and down hills, over bridges and down steps, across ponds and water features.  The most popular part of the garden though is on the flat, which makes it accessible for those using wheelchairs or who are less able.  If you need refreshment you will find th cafe an garden patio most accommodating.  If you are short of time, then you may prefer to take a supervised tour of the gardens with an expert.  The tours cn be booked in advanced by telephone on +64 (9) 638 8395. 

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The garden is open from 9am to 4pm between May and August, and 9am to 4.30pm between September and April.  Entrance fees range from $6 for adults and $4 for students and senior citizens.  Children under 12 years of age will get free entrance.  If you are on holiday in Auckland and do not have a car, then a tourist bus from Auckland Museum that will take you to the gardens.  The Explorer bus stops at the gardens every 60 minutes during summer, between 16 October and 13 April.


At Eden Garden anyone can endow a seat in the garden, a rock, a tree or shrub with the name of your beloved.  It is also possible to have a plaque on their Memorial Wall.  For those looking for somewhere peaceful and full of life to release the ashes of their loved ones, the ashes may be interred in the garden close to the site of the endowed item or in the garden elsewhere in an unmarked site.  My Father and my Aunt sponsored a tree in Eden Garden as a memorial to their Mother.  Whenever we get the chance, we visit our tree at Eden garden and remember the happy times we spent with my grandmother.

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One thought on “Garden of Eden

  1. What a lovely idea! And such a beautiful peaceful place. Your Grandmother must have been a very special person too.


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