Alice finds love in the air – literally

cowsOhhhhh, aren’t these cows cute? It is a mother with her little one.  I took this photo the last time I was in Rotorua.  I was standing just down the road from Aorangi Peak on Mount Ngongotaha.  We go to Aorangi Peak whenever we can, for special occasions only though.  We celebrated my reception for my admission to the bar at Aorangi Peak.  We’ve also gone there for birthdays and New Years celebrations.  

In the background you can see lake Rotorua, and to the side is Mokoia Island.  In the far edge the right you can see the beginnings of lake Rotoiti.

When the Air NZ ad appeared on the Italian news website, I could not quite believe my eyes!  The commercial features Air NZ pilots, ground staff and cabin crew going commando except for body paint – or are they?  See what you think of their advert by playing it here on youtube.  Yes it has certainly created quite a stir, but looks to be fantastic publicity for the airline.

Air New Zealand is now doing their bit to help match up single New Zealanders with each other and now also with single Americans.  On Friday 15th of October 2009 the ‘Great Matchmaking Ball’ will be held at Skycity in Auckland, New Zealand.  I understand that tickets for that ball will be going on sale soon, so if you’re single then make sure you get your ticket. 

A specially themed flight will be departing Los Angeles in time to arrive in Auckland for the Ball.  The only requirement for people to board the US plane is that they should enjoy long walks on the beach and fine New Zealand wine!  Well, it is not mandatory, but highly recommended.  This special match making flight begins with a party at Los Angeles airport before boarding the plane.  Later on during the flight there will be games, together with themed food and drink.  For a touch of luxury, plane passengers will also enjoy a night at the Sky City Hotel, which given that is the location of the Ball, your accommodation  could not be any more convenient.  The flight alone starts from $780 per person.  When the price of the ball ticket and two nights accommodation at the hotel is included then the package price starts at $1,109 per person.

If you are single and looking for your soul mate, then you must surely check out this match making website  from Air NZ. If you are keen to see who is planning to come on the flight, or to post your own video or otherwise get involved, then you can join the group on facebook and follow on twitter.

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