Saturday 16 May 2009

My legs, calf muscles in particular have been very sore all day today.  I wasn’t too surprised though.  I expect this is because of my efforts at the gym yesterday at the ‘Step’ class.  It will take time for my body to get used to doing exercise again.  I have been tired, more than ususal today.  Still I managed to squeeze in another piano lesson with my teacher in Loughborough this evening.  How I managed to practice the piano for a few hours today, plus sit through a one hour lesson for myself I do not know.  It is so difficult to concentrate when one is so tired that all they want to do is go to bed and sleep. 


For the last couple of weeks I have been cooking all day every day.  Today for some reason I was so tired that I just couldn’t be bothered.  So Giuseppe came to the rescue, and cooked a scrumptious Italian feast.  We had calamari with salad for starters, and a stuffed squid and spaghetti for mains.

        IMG_4380         stuffed squid

In keeping with weekend traditions, I indulged in a very good sleep in.  Thanks to this, my day has simply disappeared into nowhere.  My husband and I had a brisk walk into town to get some fresh air, exercise and see what was going on.  We ended up in a very cute coffee shop with large arm chairs and coffee with free chocolates.  I had the cocoa dusted truffles that were just as delicious and creamy as I had hoped.  I’ve recently started carrying a notebook and pen with me again like I used to do.  So while we were sipping our drinks, I asked Giuseppe to write down a few things in Italian for me to progress my lessons.  Then I wrote down some phrases in English that I wanted to say, and Giuseppe wrote down the translation in Italian (contextual cf. literal). I will add our notes to this blog tomorrow, so check back then.


(above photo, source, photo taken from the BBC screening of Eurovision, BBC, Saturday 16 May 2009, 8pm to 11pm).

Have you been following the 2009 Eurovision song contest?  I have heard so much of it in the news.  By chance, I also happened to turn the TV on when they were choosing the finalist for the Andrew Lloyd-Webers reality programme to choose who will represent the UK at Eurovision.  The winner was Jade Ewen, who represented the UK in Moscow, Russia, at Eurovision.  The final was shown in the UK on BBC 1 from 8pm until 11pm tonight, Saturday 16 May 2009.  I managed to take some photos of our television screen as we watched Jade perform.  Jade is from London and has spent her life in the performing arts, singing, dancing, and acting in an Australian children’s TV show.  More details on Jade can be found on her myspace profile as well as on the BBC website.  Jade’s performance was very elegant and her voice was powerful and appealing.  For the first time since 2002 the UK has finally made it to the top five in the contest.  That is a fantastic result for the UK and was down to the spectactular performance of Jade who was accompanied by Lloyd-Weber on the piano. Congratulations Jade!

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