Friday 15 May 2009

Its been a long but successful day.  Many of you will recall the continuing struggles I have with my weight.  It started when I stopped doing ballet at 13 years of age.  From that moment on, I started to pile on the weight during high school because I was no longer doing the intense and daily exercise that ballet had demanded.  Although, my regular stops at Georgie Pie on my way home from piano lessons probably didn’t help matters.  During University I was rowing and was in the habit of going to the gym so that I managed to get down to 59 kilos.  However,  when I finished University and started working I let my gym sessions lapse and no longer rowed, and so my weight went up again.  The cycle repeated itself a few years ago when I started rowing again, and I lost weight again.  However in relocating for my husband’s job I managed to find an excuse to stop rowing, and then piled on the weight again.  However, I finally have some good news 😉  I have noticed that over the last couple of months my weight has stopped increasing, and in fact it has finally stabilised.  That has been very satisfying to me, and so my efforts to exercise have now been more determined and enthusiastic.  In addition to going for long walks when I have the chance, I have now rejoined the local gym.  Today was my very first day back at the gym.  In fact it was the second time I have done a work out at the gym for this entire year!  I went to the ‘body step’ class run by Lesley.  Contrary to my expectations, I actually enjoyed the class.  It was fun, and I could tell by the end that it had been an incredibly good cardio workout for me.  I am looking forward to doing more step classes from now on, on a regular basis.  Typically, it was pouring with rain when I walked to and from the gym today.  By the end of the day however the weather had cleared, so hopefully that means it will be okay tomorrow.

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