Thursday 14 May 2009

Romeo and Juliet

Its almost the end of another day.   Today was grey and cloudy.  Its dark outside now, and no surprise that it is still raining.  Its been raining on and off all day today, which makes it the perfect opportunity to curl up at home in the dry reading a book while at the same time watching television.  I’m afraid television doesn’t seem to be able to hold my attention these days, so that I find I need to do something else at the  same time.  It could be typing on the computer as I am doing now, or reading a book.  I recently finished ‘Those Faraday Girls’ by Monica McInerney that I picked up in New Zealand.  So now I have started another McInerney book called ‘Spin the Bottle’ that Leonie leant me a couple of years ago.  My resolution is to finish this book before the end of this month so I can return it to Leonie when I see her at Carol’s christening for Dylan.  I figure its better late than  never.  Yes Leonie, your recipe for Giuseppe’s lasagne is still coming!  I think the easiest thing to do will be to post Giuseppe’s recipe on this blog, will give that timeframe for the end of the month too.  The weather’s a bit cooler now, so I’m indulging in a lovely cup of English breakfast tea.  Two small pieces of New Zealand Cadbury Crunchie chocolate went down well too 😉  My husband was shocked and dismayed again to discover I had finished another block of king size chocolate today on Caramel chocolate.  Yesterday, he hid the key for the cupboard containing all our chocolate – that was as a result of me eating an entire block of king size chocolate for NZ Cadbury Crunchie too.  Oh well, what can I say, I am, and always have been a big fan of chocolate!  At least I can happily confirm that I have been consistently losing weight over the last couple of days.  I think our dinners of salad and fish seem to be doing the trick.  Tonight we had smoked cod, and marinated smoked mackarel with green salad and tomatoes.  A little too salty but otherwise tasty.

Had a phone call from David this evening.  He said he hadn’t read his emails lately, so he was surprised when Chris phoned him to tell him that Giuseppe and I weren’t coming to London this weekend.  He wished Giuseppe to ‘get well soon’.  Had messages from Louisa and Matt and Rach too, and Paloma and Phee expressing their concern and good wishes for Giuseppe.  I conveyed these messages to Giuseppe and he was very grateful for them thinking of him.  He is still recovering from a bad bout of tonsillitis that sent him to hospital for three days.  Giuseppe just finished his last dose of antibiotics at midnight last night, but today started on his new round of penicillin.  He is still very weak, and so he does not have the strength for socialising and travelling long distances.  So unfortunately this means that we both had to cancel our trip to London this week to see Paloma play the lead in the opera ‘Romeo and Juliet’.  It is very disappointing as I had been looking forward to it for so long.  But Paloma has been very understanding about our decision not to go, and has been very supportive to Giuseppe and helpful with plenty of good advice, for example, probiotics.  After I read Paloma’s message about probiotics, I asked Giuseppe if he wanted to take probiotic tablets but he wasn’t interested.  So instead I bought a dozen of the probiotic yoghurts from the supermarket, and he’s been having two each day.  One in the morning, and one in the afternoon, and he has been enjoying them.

If you  live in London, or happen to be visiting London this weekend then I recommend you go and see Paloma perform in Romeo and Juliet.  For more information on Paloma visit her website at  For details on the opera visit  The opera is being produced by West London Opera and its opening night was tonight, from 7.30pm.  However you’re not too late, as it will play again tomorrow, Friday 15th May at 7.30pm, and its last night will be Saturday 16th of May at 7.30pm.  It is held at the Questors Theatre in Mattock Lane, Ealing, London.

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