Alice’s restaurant review: Thai Chilli

Reviewed by Alice Letts

blog - thai rest 3 The Thai Chilli Restaurant was the last place on earth I thought I would end up on the evening of Anzac day.  My husband and I were in Auckland that evening and were looking forward to catching up with friends and family.  When my cousin first suggested we eat Thai food, I panicked, and without thinking replied ‘no!’.  Then I felt I ought to explain myself, that I have had bad experiences with chilli in the past.  But when one of the girls said that I could order something without chilli in it,  I realised I should just suck it in, be brave, adventurous and try something new!  Am I pleased that I did!  The dining experience at the Thai Chilli Restaurant in the viaduct was fascinating and the food divine.  I had eaten Thai food before in the home of a Thai family.  However, this was my very first time eating in a Thai restaurant, and I became an instant fan that evening.

Yes, the Thai Chilli restaurant certainly was a discovery.  And not just for me.  The building looked familar to one of my friends.  He exclaimed that he had never noticed this restaurant before, and what was remarkable was the fact that he worked in the very building that the restaurant was in.  So now he has more options for his lunch break.  The Thai Chilli does take aways too which sounds dangerously convenient. 

blog - thai rest 4

blog - thai rest 5

I savoured every mouthful that night.  As starters, I devoured a won ton soup, perfect.  For my main I chose a dish recommended by another friend that was the orange or was it yellow curry.  The name on the menu was Gang Gari, it was a curry containing coconut milk, potato and onion with lamb.  I realise that this dish is full of starch and not ideal for someone trying to lose weight as I am.  However since I was on holiday, I allowed myself a break from my usual diet without having to feel guilty about the calories.  The roti was light and puffy, although probably not oily enough for my taste.  Still, I ate two roti’s but wished I had ordered more.  Then to finish the evening on a high note I took pleasure in eating some cream filled brandy snaps.  My husband had never tried brandy snaps before, and when he tried mine he said they were too sweet for him.  Usually I don’t like things too sweet either, but for brandy snaps alone, I make an exception.

The decor is elegant and tasteful.  The service was very good, and the staff were very attentive and polite.  The rest rooms  were not memorable, so they were definitely satisfactory.  The highlight of the evening for me was the live musical entertainment.  One of the Thai ladies played what must have been a traditional Thai instrument.  I do not know what the name is or exactly how to describe it.  It looked like the inside of a piano laid flat and shrunk to size, where instead of the hammers of a piano to hit the keys, the lady used her fingers to pluck the instrument. 

The evening was a great success.   I recommend you visit the Thai Chilli next time you’re in Auckland and looking for a fun evening with family and friends with good food and live music. 

Total cost approximately $30 NZD for one person, with tap water (jugs refilled continuously through the evening).

 Thai Chilli Restaurant, Ground Floor, PWC Tower, 188 Quay Street, Auckland, NZ (+64 [0]9 377 1735)

Licensed:  Yes, fully licensed.
Hours:   11.30am – 2.30pm weekdays for lunch. 
5.30pm – 10.30pm daily for dinner.
Seating:  Inside seating for around 50 people, no outside area.
Takeaways:  Yes
Gift vouchers:  Unknown
Parking: No
Food:    9 out of 10
Dessert: 8 out of 10
Presentation: 9 out of 10
Ambience:            9 out of 10
Service: 9 out of 10
Environment: 9 out of 10
Toilets: 9 out of 10
Child Friendly: Na

Copyright © Alice Letts 2009

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