Italian 101

Lesson 1

Welcome to my post on Italian language.  If you’re reading this then I would assume that you too are trying to learn the Italian language.  There are so many methods to learning a language.  I have gone through many different versions of italian courses on cds that I’ve listened to on my MP3 player and mobile.  I also started to use Rosetta Stone, although I’m afraid I soon began to lose interest in that too.  Throughout primary school, high school and University I studied Japanese language.  Maori language as also compulsory at my school, and I picked up some Tongan language as a child from my family and time spent in Tonga.  I also did an intensive night school course in Spanish before I did a trip around Spain.  I also did one year of french at school and tried to pick it up a few years ago.  However, now that I am married to an Italian, I now realise that I must focus on learning Italian. So to this end, I have  now engaged my husband to teach me a couple of words every day that I will be posting on this blog. 

Today’s words/expressions:

Italian English
 Smettila (Smet/ti/la)   Stop it 
 cattivello (cat/ ti /vel/ lo)   Naughty 
 Tu sai un grande cattivello  (Tu/ sai/ un/ gran/de cat/ti/vel/lo)   You are very naughty 

You may think that the words I posted above are a little suspect, or silly.  However, on a serious note, these words can be very useful to you if you are a girl, and you go to Italy.

To listen to the pronounciation of the Italian and English, visit this website:

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